Znaczenie kolonografii TK w diagnostyce nowotworów kątnicy i okrężnicy



Introduction: The objective of this paper is validation of CT colonography in diagnostics of colon and ceacum cancers. In the period of June, 2000-December, 2006 429 patients were operated on in Beskidzkie Oncological Center, after a cancer of either colon or ceacum was diagnosed.

Material and methods: Among these patients 82, i.e. 18,6% of total, were preoperatively diagnosed with a CT colonography, actually in 42 of the cases it was the initial diagnostic procedure.

Results: The indications for such diagnostic routine were given and the results of CT scanning was compared with intraoperative palpation and subsequent histological findings. During the surgeries 87 neoplasms were removed from colon or caecum. In 5 cases synchronic tumors were excised.

Conclusions: CT colonography is an effective method in detection of the resectable colon and caecal tumors and is more commonly used in patients not qualifying for colonoscopy.

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Editors List

  • Osamu Tanaka

    Osamu Tanaka
    Assistant Professor,
    Department of Radiation Oncology
    Asahi University Hospital
    Gifu city, Gifu, Japan

  • Maher Abdel Fattah Al-Shayeb

    Department of Surgical Sciences, Ajman University, UAE

  • Andrzej Zdziennicki

    Institute of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Medical University of Lodz, I Clinic of Gynecology and Gynecological Oncology (Lodz, Poland)

  • Krzysztof Urbanski

    Head of the Oncology Gynecology Clinic, Oncology Center - Instytut im. Maria Sklodowska Curie, Department in Krakow (Krakow, Poland)

  • Andrzej Szawlowski

    Klinika Nowotworow Gornego Odcinka Uklad Digestii, Oncology Center - Institute (Warsaw, Poland)