Surgical excision and histopathological examination outcomes of oral and cervicofacial lymph nodes enlargement


Author(s): Suha Mohammad Sami

Lymphadenopathy may be due to the invasion of inflammatory or neoplastic cells into lymph nodes. Materials and Methods: Fifty-eight patients were presented 25 (43.1%) patients were male and 33 (56.9%) patients were female, average age was between (2-80) years. Results: Our study revealed that 45 (77.6%) patients were associated with malignant lymph nodes enlargement 20 (34.48%) patients were male and 25 (43.1%) patients were female and revealed that 13 (22.4%) patients were benign lymph nodes 5 (8.62%) patients were male and 8 (13.8%) patient were female, the mean age of patients which was associated with benign lymphadenopathy was 30.38y and those with malignant lymphadenopathy was 57.2 year and p-value revealed was highly Significant<0.001. Discussion: Our results revealed that 13 (22.4%) patients complained of benign lymph nodes and 45 (77.6%) patients were associated with malignant lymph nodes enlargement, which was disagreement with Iqbal M et al, which was reported that 15.9% cases due to tumor metastases and lymphoma, may be due to that patient with benign lesion will go to the primary care unite nearby home while patients complaining of malignancy must visit tertiary hospital which I was present, but our result was agreement with Lee Y et al 10 reported that prevalence of malignant lymph node 40%-60% in referral center. Conclusion: Surgical excision of oral and cervicofacial lymph node enlargement beneficial easy procedure to promote result of histopathological examination which was the stone that we depend upon it in diagnosis for fast track of treatment especially with malignancy, bilateral lymph node enlargement it indicated poor prognosis whether child or elderly patient and/or late stage of tumor . Surgical excision of lymph node was accompanied with rare complication and most common was infection and formation of scar post-operatively.

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