Influence of alcohol consumption and duration in the DNA repair genes polymorphisms (XRCC1 and APE1)


Author(s): Asma'a H. Mohamed, Maytham Al-Yasir, Zainab Mahdi Al-Saygh, Ali H. Al-Saadi and Mona N. Al-Terehi*

The gene- environment interaction has a major role in disease incidence and health problems, the current study aims to detect the human gene polymorphisms of X-ray Repair Cross-Complementing Group 1(XRCC1) Arg399Gln (rs25487) and Apurinic/Apyrimidinic (AP) endonuclease enzyme (APE1) (rs1130409) in alcoholism, alcohol consumption and duration in some Iraqi cases that have three levels of alcohol concentration (sub groups <50, 50-100 and >100 mg/ dl), the results show that the age and BMI were nonsignificant changes, duration and alcohol level were significant differences regarding to alcohol subgroups. The genotyping of XRCC1 showed nonsignificant association with alcoholism in compared with control group (P 0.629, 0.596), and strong association of APE1 with alcoholism (p 0.000), The alcohol level according to XRCC1 genotyping showed that AA has high level of alcohol than AG and GG in non-significant elevation (p 0.966), regarding to APE1 genotyping non-significant difference elevation in wild type than Mutated type (p 0.196) was observed. The distribution of XRCC1 genotyping according to alcoholism subgroups showed significant association (p 0.0461), and non- significant association (p 0.0614) of APE1 distribution. The XRCC1 genotyping belong to duration of alcohol consumptions showed nonsignificant association (p 0.371), and non-significant association observed in The APE1 genotyping (p 0.260). in conclusion; we can conclude that the XRCC1 genotyping didn’t associate with alcoholism and alcohol duration but significant correlated with alcohol level, while the APE1 was strong associated with alcoholism but didn’t associate with alcohol level and duration.

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  • Prof. Elhadi Miskeen

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    Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering SRM University – AP, Andhra Pradesh




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